An ode to feeling many emotions

When life takes a pause, we start realizing and thinking about all the things we run away from. We think about our greatest fears, insecurities, and begin to feel a sense of inadequacy. I can’t stress enough when I say this but we as a society need to stop painting a picture where perfection is key. As someone who’s strived for perfection for almost all her life, I’ve realized it’s mentally exhausting. Nothing is liberating about what society tells us. Nothing is liberating about being told your unworthy or being tied down by barriers and limitations. The truth is that the society we live in can’t see us content or happy. The society we live in expects us to grow a pair and not be a sensitive snowflake.

I sometimes feel like I live a life that has been manufactured by society’s expectations. And I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way. There are so many things to fight for that I don’t even know what I’m on a quest for. Am I on a quest for equality? Or am I fighting a battle against biodiversity loss? The truth is that our world is so flawed, I don’t even know what I should stand for. If I speak up about how I hate the way women are treated in South Asian communities I’m destroying the social and cultural fabric. If I talk about feminism I’m a man-hater. If I talk about social inequality then I only focus on the burdens in society, and I’m pessimistic. It’s like you really can’t win with society. I’m tired of society shaming us.

Was there ever a time when our morning rituals didn’t consist of checking our Instagram feeds? Or worrying about the number of likes or views? Virtual reality has us comparing ourselves with others and fabricating our lives to be perceived as likeable and exciting. And it honestly sucks. After realizing this I’ve come to learn that being real and using our platforms to talk about feeling glum, sad and even addressing mental health is very important. Our self-worth should not be defined by what others think of us. I find it very important to have a great sense of inner peace and maintain good mental health. Therefore, I pledge to talk about mental health and the pressures we face created by society on my platform.


  1. I totally agree. We need to remove this stigma around mental illnesses and normalize talking about the pressures we face created by society.

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  2. I love how you always keep it real! Love the message and I really agree! Society is never satisfied with whatever you do and if we live our lives trying to please society then we can never truly live our life. The media just adds on to this and everyone acts like their life is perfect when the reality is we all face challenges and hard times but not a lot of people are willing to openly share it with the world.

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  3. This is the reality most people are experiencing nowadays that’s why mental health is really important, with the fact that a lot of people are being diagnosed with having depression, anxiety, and etc., but sadly a lot of people also doesn’t want to open or talk about it because of the stigma that they are mentally ill. I admire you with your platform about mental wellbeing. Keep on posting so that you will inspire and motivate more people who read your blogs.

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    • Thank You So Much! I also love your content and website😊


  4. I really liked this blog post. It is so true that our lives are sadly influenced my the society we live in and we have that pressure to conform to the expectations of society. Social media in particular can be so negative sometimes, and it is easy to get sucked in the comparison trap with social media. Thanks for sharing this!!

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  5. Great stuff! Liked how you discussed such an important issue. This made me feel at ease! Continue being you!

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  6. You have spoken the minds of many young humans. Society will always find a way to silence your voice and make us speechless even on deepest issues that concerns us. It’s time to speak up. Please continue to do this, I’m rooting for you💖☺️

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  7. Wow I can relate to this 💯 the pressure is too much and social media is making it worse as we see how others are succeed and we hurriedly want the same for ourselves not know that everything takes time . This is awesome you should continue with such content

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  8. I totally agree! We all face some or the other problem all the time and there’s nothing wrong talking about it!

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