Is it now a woman’s world?

Whether it’s in pop culture or our lives, the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype will always exist. I sometimes wonder where did the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype come from? Some may consider this stereotype mild, however, I think it’s time this stereotype should be deconstructed.

Being a ‘dumb blonde’ doesn’t mean you have to be a female who has blonde hair and has low IQ. You can be a brunette and still be called a ‘dumb blonde.’ I just don’t get why being feminine and being caught up in a world full of fashion and beauty make one pea-brained.

This stereotype makes me realize how important sisterhood is and how we should never conform to what people think of us. I think to let this stereotype perpetuate, only hostile sexism and sexist humor progress. I genuinely feel that sometimes jokes manipulate and illustrate an image in the masculine system of values. This image where women are considered ‘dumb blondes’ is belittling and attacks the idea of women’s presence in culture and society.

The interesting part is that in mainstream media the ‘dumb blonde’ manipulates those around her into doing what she desires by relying on her looks. I consider this misleading and believe that it only scrutinizes women in terms of their appearance.


  1. “I think to let this stereotype perpetuate, only hostile sexism and sexist humor progress.” I totally agree. Everyday on social media I see sexist jokes normalized and whenever we stand up for ourselves we’re called sensitive or unfunny.

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  2. I love how real your work is and how there is a prevailing sense of men underestimating women. You write about such important topics and most writers don’t do that. I also love how your blog is a all rounder. Lots of love and support♥️
    – Gemmi


  3. Hey. I definitely agree with you on the stereotypes about blondes. The phrase “dumb blonde” originated because people were jealous of blondes (who generally appear prettier) and wanted to demean them, to make them lose confidence.
    I agree with the fact that the hair color of a person should not define their character.

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