“The Sower of the Seeds of Dreams” is a historical fiction novel. The novel is about a soldier and a priestess on separate journeys traveling together. The soldier wants to find gold buried in a lake while the priestess wants to restore her faith. This novel recounts their journey as difficult, young souls trying to grow among thorns to advance further in life.

I felt this novel had a symbolic meaning with some indirect connections to mystical ideas. The definition of “Sower” in the bible is someone who plants seeds by scattering them. I found the title and the conspectus of the novel relevant because we are humans in progress to become the best versions of ourselves. We sometimes have days when we feel like we made no progress. As someone who’s always been on a journey to become the best version of herself, I wonder if we’re supposed to wait for better days or run after greater things to achieve better days?

I started this blog as a naive kid when all work was voluntary and everyone was considered valuable and special. Today, I’m a young woman who believes in supporting her dreams until they can support her. Fear was never a limiting factor for me. Throughout this journey, I realized that I was the sower of the seeds of my dreams. After years of successes and fumbles with writing and publishing short stories, I realized to plant seeds in a dream meant to recognize a skill or talent and working hard to perfect it.

I realized that letting exhaustion or negativity under my skin was pointless. I truly believe that there’s nothing wrong with taking chances when opportunities present themselves. Overall, to plant the seeds of our dreams we need to realize that we can’t gain profit without passion. We can plant seeds and slowly watch the growth. Moreover, learn from people who inspire and learn to inspire.


  1. You put your heart and soul into your work and I truly admire that! I feel that more people should strive to have the strength and passion that you exemplify on your blog❤️

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  2. Loved ur post Kiran.all your words coming straight from.the heart touch the chords of the readers heart too.very inspiring.keep up.the good work.looking forward to reading more posts from u.Stay blessed

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  3. Keep on planting seeds of your dreams. Indeed living is all about improving ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. Striving for perfection is not the answer, striving to improve ourselves is. Take care

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  4. Feeling wonderful dear after knowing your passion, your interesting novel and on the positivity you are spreading around. You have a great future ahead. You learned a lot at a young age. Wishing you the very best 💜

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  5. ………..I realized that letting exhaustion or negativity under my skin was pointless.

    I’m glad you realized this Kiran, You are so real with your expressions. keep it up girl!😀

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  6. “to plant the seeds of our dreams we need to realize that we can’t gain profit without passion.” I totally agree with this statement.

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  7. So inspirational and well written! I’m so proud of your growth, Kinu!! 🥺💖 Keep thriving to be the best you can be!

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