As we get older, we have to think about finding a career path that fits our skills and interests. Furthermore, to find that career path higher education is necessary. I sometimes think about it, is higher education preparing us for jobs of the past? I say jobs of the past because we live in a time when getting a higher education means pointless debt and skyrocketing tuition.

With new automation, thousands of jobs are eliminated. This means we need to create jobs faster than ever and become a much more project-based society. The truth is that the future is defined by automation, artificial intelligence, and robots. Eventually, a day will come when technology will be capable enough to replace us in most fields if not all.

Even though AI, automation, and robotic technology have made great contributions to society…they’re still eliminating many jobs. Some positions that have been easily eliminated are manufacturing, customer service, and transportation. Like we’ve all seen, cashiers are getting replaced faster than lightening due to self-checkout stations. Not all human cashiers have been replaced yet however, people are more accustomed to self-checkout. Cashiers are not the only ones on the cusp of losing their jobs, so are taxi and truck drivers. Self-driving vehicles may have not been perfected yet, but have had remarkable advancements made. These aren’t the only occupations getting eliminated. If your someone who reads there news online, you most likely read articles written by AI. Journalists and writers are now competing with AI. Putting information into a readable story is not beyond its capabilities.

The aforementioned made me wonder if white-collar jobs would be cut due to technological advancement? Would any job that is based on analyzing, gathering, and organizing information a suitable choice for automation? However, AI software systems can do these jobs faster and more efficiently than their human counterparts. Therefore, I believe most white-collar jobs will face the rage of modern technology. Elon Musk’s prediction may just come to life. The power of artificial intelligence may just disrupt communities and disproportionately affect low-income workers.

In conclusion, with debt and skyrocketing tuition come thousands of jobs that are eliminated. I suppose we do need to have secondary plans if our career paths don’t end up working out. It’s mind-boggling to accept the fact that humans will only be proficient enough to take on roles that involve creativity, compassion, or a personal touch.


  1. I suppose the ‘higher education’ thing depends on what sort of life you see yourself living in 10, 20, years time, and how much personal debt you want to have while you’re trying to achieve that.
    If you want to know things, to understand how things work, and you’re motivated enough, the true wonder of this ‘information age’ is that everything you need to know, on just about any subject, can be found, for free, on the internet. Unless society collapses completely, (and we’re all screwed anyway) that’s not going away any time soon. If you do want a life that requires a piece of paper to display for all the world to see, then yeah, higher education’s the way to go.
    For all that AI is touted everywhere as the latest and greatest thing, the truth of the matter is that we’re still maybe decades away from true Artificial Intelligence machines. What we do have are highly complex algorithms written by humans with all their baked-in biases, (which will always, in the end create unreliable, to varying degrees, data) and sophisticated robotics that can only duplicate what humans can already do. Yeah, a huge robot could build the pyramids, but sheer muscle-power and mechanical tools did it thousands of years ago too.
    It’s all a matter of perspective.
    What you mention in your last paragraph about humans will ‘only be proficient enough to take on roles that involve creativity, compassion, or a personal touch’ is, when you think about it, the entire scope of what humans need to get to the stars. What we humans have to do is not let what machines/robots/algorithims define what are capable of.

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  2. Very well crafted andinteresting too! You made your case and convinced me!

    I like to keep my post to 200 words or less with short paragraphs. I feel that the reader needs breaks in the post. I’ll never really read a post that goes on and on without a paragraph break.

    I feel that almost all jobs will be taken over by AI: not just menial work. And jobs requiring imagination, creativity, and thinking outside the box will the one saving grace!

    I liked the cartoon and more art and such would add variety and interest.

    Two applicable quotes from Albert Einstein:

    Is information knowledge? (No experience is knowledge!)

    “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.”

    What is more important: knowledge or imagination?

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

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  3. It’s a good writing about jobs lost and the impacts of artificial intelligence. We spend a lot of money on higher education but it’s very difficult to find a good job based on what we have studied in college or university.

    In fact, artificial intelligence is the extension of human intelligence to process repetitive tasks perfectly at the workplace. It is very unfortunate that artificial intelligence is replacing human intelligence at work.

    Algorithms of artificial intelligence are derived from the cognitive science of human brain but it fails while facing the objectives of motor science. As you say about driverless car which is crashing on the road. The working mechanism of human brain is unique, powerful and precise in the application of motor science which is not possible in the coding of artificial intelligence.

    You have written the paragraphs of perfect size and the sequencing of contents is also well-arranged for reading. Heading helps browser in finding the particular contents of post, so brief heading should be given for paragraphs. You can upload pictures from free photo library to project excellent outlook on your posts.

    Be happy and keep writing. Thanks
    – Learnography

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  4. I completely agree with your valuable and informative post, Kiran. Today life has taken an unnecessary meaning and it is all thanks to human minds. We all r going very fast and where. Great post.

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  5. I think you’re right that education is too focused on the jobs of the past. But I think the bigger problem is that people are too narrow-minded about what can or cannot be a job. There’s been a big push to get kids interested in STEM fields, and I think that’s a good thing. We’re already in desperate need for more people in those fields.

    But there are also so many other opportunities opening up thanks to online platforms like YouTube, Amazon, WordPress, etc. Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s almost certainly a niche audience that will be interested in that thing. So don’t let the education system force you in a box. With a little creative thinking, you can make a living doing almost anything these days, and I think that’s only going to become more and more true in the future.

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  6. Excellent article. And White Collar jobs will definitely be one of the first to go. It’s already happening. Entire managerial positions have been eliminated. The future for humans doesn’t look good, with regard to AI. No health care, or pay checks are needed. They won’t quit or form unions. They won’t make demands and can work around the clock. People interested in money, instead of people, will be thrilled to jump on that ban wagon. As for college, it’s a way to trap a lot of people into never ending debt, while not giving them anything for it. You’re right, many schools are preparing kids for jobs that will not exist by the time they graduate Classes are also being taught by TA’s and on line. Changes need to be made. Some people will never be able to pay off their college debts and the interest will continue to keep them poor.

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  7. Well written! Keep expressing yourself. It gradually becomes more natural as you come into your voice.

    On higher education, the main thing is to get it. You may not end up working in the specific area you get a degree in, due to automation or some other marketplace reason, but the education will teach you how to learn and expand your horizons in crucial ways.

    That said, a degree from your local community college can be just as good, and a lot cheaper, than one from an expensive for-profit school. Get educated, but don’t bust the bank doing it.

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  8. You words are indeed true and un deniable fact which must not be taken for granted. Those asleep must wake up and those awoken must stand firm because it is right here upon us.

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  9. Eloquently written post. AI has already taken many white-collar jobs. Before I retired, I was a commercial insurance underwriter and our jobs were being automated more and more each day, month, year, etc. One must always have a backup career path. Unfortunately, it’s a sign of the times.

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  10. Doesn’t seem to me you need any coaching. You write beautifully. And after reading the previous remark, just ignore someone’s cranky two cents. You should read some of the cracks on my page. I often delete them though realize, everyone has a right to what they think and once you toss your hat into the cyber ring, you’re wide open, like it’s deer season.
    Just keep writing and flourish doing so. Susannah Bianchi

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  11. A very interesting article,
    personally I wonder if it is better to be replaced today by another person or by a robot machine.
    And if a growing portion of human workers, no matter whether workers or journalists, street sweepers or surgeons, will no longer have an income because they will no longer have a job, for whom will robots produce goods and services?

    The two paradoxes are nothing more than an extreme scenario of the spring of the IA. But many economists argue that in paradoxes we are already up to our necks. And they read the current economic crisis with widespread youth unemployment, like the crisis triggered by, in the words of Martin Ford, from the Rise of Robots: from the rise of robots that steal jobs and income from men.


  12. Good points well presented. There is always something for every generation to fear. Mine was the Bomb. Would we all be wiped out in a nuclear holocaust? Well we are still here. AI is a threat but we will survive that as well. Enjoy your writing.

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  13. I think your comment about “… we must become a more project based society…” is very accurate.
    All organizations that aspire to be a going concern for any length of time have always adopted project management as a way to solve problems, improve existing processes and re-engineer as required. The really good PM’s can also lead change, as well as fashion the new algorithms necessary to innovate and keep nimble and resilient.

    so called Higher education is more about institutional prestige and the modicum of prestige it will share with those who have paid their dues. Unless your are entering certain professions that are offered exclusively through the higher education industry. The rest are just pawns in a huge pyramid scheme where they take the money gathered through undergraduate programs to support graduate education and research which in turn attracts prestigious leaders in their respective fields as well as the funds to build ever more prestigious building (the supreme irony in an increasingly digital world)

    The other factor impacting work is the lack of workers suited to the available jobs. Total Fertility Rates (TFR) continue to decline in the 1st world nations. Only a robust immigration policy will save western nations in particular from the job crunch that is already upon us. Nations like Japan,Taiwan South Korea, and China are homogeneous societies not open to immigration so are already suffering the most from lack of workers to support their aging populations and welfare programs.

    The speed at which AI assumes more control over the routine day to day activities in human societies will be a function of lower rates of population growth in those same societies. Immigration is the key.


  14. Hey, I just wanna say your an inspiration to the youth of today! I love how versatile your content is! Keep being real, keep being you.

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  15. A great opinion piece, your style flows nicely and is easy to read.
    I am not really in a position to give advice, unfortunately in todays world it does not always pay to be real, people are more willing to believe the fake things and fake people.

    Adding suggested further reading on specific points is possibly your next agenda, along with examples and citations.

    It is an interesting topic from all angles, particularly with AI writing articles.I am most familiar with AI writing fake articles for propaganda or as trolls, the topic or example of AI writing real fact/researched news or opinion pieces, is worth exploring.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
    From someone who had 20 years stolen from her by malicious people, I urge you to value time.

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  16. Well said! Automation and other digital technologies are changing the nature of work. Understanding this can help the next generations move forward. It is necessary to redesign the careers to build new skills for tomorrow’s jobs.

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  17. Well stated, it’s the reality. However, human beings possess the divine spark, something that is absent in the simulated consciousness (Artificial intelligence). We need to rise above the existence, our willpower would be depleted if we choose to stay stagnant at the inner level.

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  18. So encouraging for woman in tech field and very interesting! Love the enthusiastic tone when talking about this topic. Very well done Kiran!

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  19. You nailed it with your last statement “It’s mind-boggling to accept the fact that humans will only be proficient enough to take on roles that involve creativity, compassion, or a personal touch.”
    I do strongly feel, creativity, compassion and human touch are the very reason why we are born… As far as the income goes, there will be alternative fields coming up. I’ll share a ted talk link on this topic. For time and again we have been worried about losing jobs.. never happened or has happened in a “temporary phase” never in the long term!! There was a same threat looming on our head when industrial revolution took phase and we thought we are going to lose jobs to machine… but we ended up creating more jobs than ever.

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