“Growing up I was told everything… affects everything. A decision we consider unimportant or a minor change can create something phenomenal. Joining AR.Paisley’s live was something like that, I realized that one decision and everything I did matter. It had made a difference, I couldn’t tell if it was negative or positive.

Every time I tried to share my story or what I was feeling hate came along with it. Even the article posted about my struggles as an individual trying to follow their dreams received its fair share of hate. One comment that caught my attention was “Ur Punjabi pakora can’t rap for shit.” I didn’t care if anyone thought I couldn’t rap or wasn’t good at it. What really upset me was how do you determine the color, ethnicity, or culture of passion? Why is it always about race? Was I nothing but another brown boy in the vast sea of immigrants’ kids? Pakora. Coconut. Oreo. Was I nothing but a food metaphor?

However, my opinion still hasn’t changed. Haters are nothing but motivators. I’m not going to give that faceless person behind a screen the satisfaction to be anything in my life. Hate makes me unstoppable, I work harder and outdo my expectations. The AR.Paisley live and the comments on that were no better. Although having a rapper whom I looked up to supporting and encouraging me made me thick-skinned. Having someone like AR.Paisley who’s so versatile and known for his lyricism reassure me, made me realize the value of being passionate about something.

It’s simple, don’t let them get to your head.”


Written by: Kiran Sandhu


  1. Beautifully written, Kiran. You have a passionate style which forces the reader to read till the very end. And yes, make them look at life with new eyes. 😊

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  2. I totally agree with u..if u think..u can do it and most importantly if u love doing something..I think u should not mind what ppl say about u ! I was a science student and ppl didn’t expect anything ither than taking engineering in graduation . But I took journalism , something which I love .
    Also yes race doesn’t matter. Even Priyanka Chopra was judged , on the basis of her skin, the way she spoke or made her hair. But the only thing what made her Miss World or the strongest female actor among everyone is the ability of faith in urself . U wanted to u know about BADSHAH?? Do u think he was not let down in choosing something like rapping ? He was! But he believed in himself and proved the world .

    So cheer up .. 🙂 Long way to go .. Good usage of words… ALL THE BEST !! 🙂

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