First the Bahraich rape case, than the 2012 Delhi gang rape and now an eight-year old Asifa has sparked anger and rage. Once again an orthodox India has been questioned. Why did the citizens of India, a place where ideals of women are worshiped failed to protect an innocent child who had a whole lifetime ahead of her?

This story made headlines when Hindu right-wing groups protested over the arrest of eight filthy predators who took little Asifa’s life. Asifa could have become someone, she could have experienced beautiful moments. She was supposed to be our future, she  was going to learn and play, she was going to get educated so she would’ve changed orthodox India. And a part of her did, Asifa’s death isn’t about Hindu vs Muslim and neither is it about Women vs Men. Her death symbolizes monsters who exist in our society. We as women, don’t need saviors, we need a society where humanity still exists. Where women aren’t slut shamed or body shamed. Where we aren’t taught that our modesty is defined by the lengths of our skirts. Where we don’t fail Asifa, Zainab, Jyoti Singh and many other women who aren’t spoken about as humans. Where eating meat outside a temple is considered less fatal than getting brutal physical humiliation inside temple – a ‘DEVI’ STHAAN

This case isn’t a religious conflict, its justice that we all await for worldwide. This case does not only have Kashmir on edge but every single women, little girl, boy who has been attacked, raped and has seen criminals walking free, or not punished enough.

Another question has been raised, Is this really the world we want to live in?

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